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Originally Posted by Xared View Post
My dad is the kind of person that has a perception based on the ideal that "there's a way things should be, because that's just simply the way it is." And yes, he's a big fan of Fox News.
This is why I won't tell my parents, and certainly not my siblings. I have that luxury, in a way, since they all live 700 miles away.

My father talks about "the program", as in "you have to follow the program" or "get with the program." (He's an engineer, through and through.) He once actually said that the program specifies never sticking your penis in someone you're not married to.

(I know, really classy, that.)

My mother would find some state just on the far side of heartbreak. Before we were married, or even thinking of getting married, my honey and I moved into an apartment together. When I told my parents, on the phone, my mother cried, and demanded to know, "Where's the moral young man we raised??"

(Um, I said, right here! I take responsibility for my choices.)

When we visited my family, a few months later, my parents wouldn't let us sleep in the same bed under their roof . . . so we went to stay with my grandparents, which caused lots of spluttering outrage on my parents' part.

In talking about it all with my grandparents, my grandmother - gracious, how I miss her! - actually said, of her own daughter, "Well, your mother's just old fashioned that way."

We clouded the issue by getting engaged a few months later, so my parents believe we are safely conventional . . . though I think my parents have their doubts about my wife.

My maternal grandparents I might have been able to tell, and maybe one or two of my cousins. My grandpa was on old, dyed-in-the-wool labor socialist at heart, and an atheist to boot. He was fiercely loyal to his family, but accepted all our differences as part of that loyalty.

As for my siblings, well, my oldest brother refuses to watch Fox News because he can't stand its liberal bias.

Him I would tell only if I wanted him never to speak to me, or even acknowledge my existence, again.

Hmmm. There's an idea . . .
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