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Originally Posted by caragh87 View Post
So that merry time is upon us, and I am one who believes its better to give than recieve.

To me Christmas isn't hugely important but I am really struggling with what to get both my boyfriend, and his girlfriend.

We are having issues at the moment with time sharing and such, and of course the best gift I could give her would be to disapear for good.. but thats not an option!

I was thinking of getting them a couples present, something they could do together. Would that be crossing a line and getting into their relationship?

I have no idea what to get, or how much to spend or anything.

So lost.
I think a couples' present sounds like a lovely gift. But any gift can be meaningful. I don't believe christmas is the day everyone should HAVE to give gifts though. You should give people gifts because you want to, when you want to. Not let specific days judge when it is the "right time".
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