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Default Time Management

We had a talk about time management today - over txt. We agreed to talk about it more in person later. We have a issue with it mostly because I cant leave here, with no car, and with them unable to go elsewhere, since she lives with her mom, who is VERY traditional. I mean F has a room here, but its next to the bedroom we sleep in. I told them that they need to take a night together, in his room, alone.

T and I got some alone time today, I love sex and snuggling with her. That kind of relationship is new to me, but Im enjoying it. I know its new to her too. We are both kinda shy and a little awkward. But Im enjoying it so far.

F and I will always have more time together since he lives here, but I need to make sure our time is quality, because he is so busy with work and the weekends are all he really has. He works 10's so he is nothing but sleep and work on work days. I understand it, and we still get a little time together at night, but usually hes too tired to really have a discussion, though we do sometimes have sex.
Lately hes been playing a lot of video games, he's needed the distraction, works been retarded and I think the new relationship status is stressing him a little bit. I know that he's been withdrawn, unless I specifically ask for quality time and such, which he gives without complaint or delay most of the time.

I try to give him time to himself, with work and the stresses of two fairly new relationships, he needs him time. I get time to myself and so does T, while I am always around, since as previously stated I am carless, and with the kids, I dont have the ability to get out as much. So, I have to give him time when Im here and its hard because I want to be with him.

So yeah, time management.
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