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Thankyou all for the responses. Advice I would give myself were I in anothers shoes. What drives me crazy is that the other woman came into my life unexpectedly, yes this may simply be nre still filtering. Yes I'm a newbie, yes I have a lot to learn. More than a little overwhelmed at times, the secrecy is cutting me. I look into my wifes eyes and I see the trust in her eyes for the first time in years. I think of the journey we're on the hurdles crossed the time spent, the re-learning of each other. It is all in jeopardy. My other partner literally has my life in her hands and that scares me sometimes. The coldly logical side of me shouts end it now. The side that enjoys her company shouts that I have never been in a position like this before. I can just be me talk and not be condemned for being me. I am at a point in my life where there is someone in my life that I connect with in a different way. I feel like such a child at times grappling with constructs that fascinate me, whilst not fully understanding them entirely. It feels like a new journey one which I would dearly like to take, incorporating into my life as best I can. I think I'm babbling now but I really am caught between two stools.
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