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Hi I'm new here and I know I'm going to get alot of flak for what I'm about to type. Here goes anyway. Honestly not sure why I'm typing this here but right now I'm feeling okay but I know as things progress not being open with my wife is going to drive me utterly bananas.

Anyway, here it is. Married for a long time to a woman I love to bits. Our relationship has been through some bloody difficult times. Alot of which down to me. Repressed sexuality in childhood, jumped out at me like a lightening strike after marriage. I now accept that I'm bi and have poly tendencies. Taken me a very very long time to accept this. Years of refusing to accept this caused depression and all sorts of crap in my marriage.

Anyway, we have discussed this alot. After alot of war between us, more counselling than I'd care to admit we are together and happy. My wife is bi but mono and as far as I can see she's not for turning.

Thing is I've met another woman who is in an open relationship and is happy to remain so and we get on like a house on fire. What drives me nuts is the fact that I cannot tell my wife about this wonderful person in my life. It's frankly cracking me up.

I'm okay now but I know as my relationship with this other woman progresses it's going to become more difficult but it has reached the stage that losing either would break me.

Yes I'm breaking all the rules, yes I'm playing with fire, yes I'm in a situation where I'm lying to my primary - god I hate titles like that -

I hope that as the counselling progresses my wife will become more comfortable I don't know. I do know that as things stand if I tell her about the other woman in my life it would crush her.
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