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Default Poly Squee!!!

<waves cheerfully from the doorway>

Well what d'ya know. A poly forum! Yay!

Was doin' my normal "tumbln tumbln" this a.m. when I found myself being pulled outta the tumblr tunnel and into this wonderful lil nook!

Hi all.

So a lil about me (us, but the other part of us is at work right now but will be along this evening no doubt), subby-hubby and I are newish to the poly community. I say newish as our limited experiences thus far have been online, but they were enlightening and a good way for us to at least get an idea of the dynamics involved. So far so good.

It's funny how the more I read and learn about the polyamory lifestyle, the more I kinda just go, "well yeah"!! It seems I've had these ideas and thoughts about how life and love should be for me, most my life, just never really knew until recently-ish that there was a word for it.

So we're chillin' in Atlanta. Hopin' to make some RL friends and maybe more one day. Readin', lovin, learnin'.

So subby-hubby and I are great big nerds. He's the Star Trek nerd, I'm the Buffy nerd. We love RPGs. D&D ftw. I like 3.5, subby-hubby's so grognardy he prefers 2nd ed or AD&D.

Ok, so that's just a taste of our hobbies. It's still early here.

Great to meetcha all! Skeezycheeses Squeezes!!

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