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So yesterday was our second attempt at a family gathering.

When R and I arrived. W was just behind us. She hadn't met alot of this part of his family, so when we arrived I guess people assumed I was his sole partner and they set up 2 chairs. I didn't have time to even sit down because W arrived and I was paranoid about her turning up and getting upset.

We had a nice day, and it was the second time i'd met a few really nice people.
They were all lovely. One of r's Aunts refered to both of us as R's Friends.
That was nice, not to be classified alone.

R's dad completely knows whats going on. W had a break down for a minute because we were close to where she used to live with her husband.
I think it was more about the fact that she had to "share" the day with me and that we were going home together. R's dad saw that she was upset straight away (as did i) and was like "is W okay"

I was much more relaxed and got along well with everyone making jokes.

R's mum is completely cold on me. R's dad gave me a kiss goodbye but she didn't really want to come near me.

Part of me can't really blame her, I am some random girl who's moved from melbourne and lives with her Son who already has a partner who had been introduced to the family?

I guess in her not knowing we are poly.She either assumes that I sleep with him despite him being in a relationship and that I am some kind of whore.

I am not. I was here long before she was.
In fact i will say what I said to W last week.

"He loved me long before you exsisted in this situation"

And its true.

He's gone now, for 2 weeks and we'll see what happens.
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