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Well things have been crazy lately. T and I have had to reschedule twice now, we haven't yet set a time to try again. The first time we were to meet, I was sick, the 2nd time he was sick.

B has been assessed up to 2nd grade math and la. She will move up to 1st grade History, Science and Art in January. For next year, she will do 3rd grade la and math and possibly 4th for math and 2nd and 3rd grade History, Science and Art and 1st grade Social Studies and Music.

She is loving school and thriving with all of her social activities. She has even found an age and intellectual friend in dance class. They get along beautifully and they understand each other.

Q is making huge strides in his language skills and colors and shapes and counting and saying his alphabet. We will begin working on letter and letter sound recognition as well as number recognition soon.

M is doing well and his new job has eased our financial issues. We are getting along fairly well most of the time.

N is single again and will start looking for a job again soon. She is doing a lot of work with Q during the school day and it's wonderful for him.

I'll try to update more often.
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