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I used to want marriage and a family. Be it mono or poly.
Now I sorta don't.
T doesn't for sure, B used to.
She said they were talking about marriage... I wish T would talk to me about things like this... That was before me though. Some days I feel like T loves me more. Today not so much. B is getting a lot.
When do I get some?
Could we all live together? I think I'd be happier than this. But I think we'd fight too? Is it too soon?
Marriage would be cool at times. T is too wild for one woman to tame I think. Sometimes I wish he'd want to marry me. Dad thinks we'll end up that way... HA HA HA.
I could like being his wife... well then there's B. Maybe we could not be married but have some ceremony. Would I want all this. Sometimes I do, others I don't.
Me = needing self help
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