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I brought it up to B she was being unreasonable and unfair.
She threatened to leave...

I was pissed.

She left him alone in the first place to move out of anger. He found me. he loves me too! I'm involved too!
He wants me and wants me and her to want each other.
She wants him and wants me, but doesn't want him to want me.
I want them both

Except everything was fine until she came back. T and I had a few good months alone. Then she came back and stresses and pushes and wins. I'm nice because I don't want to lose them.
I sacrifice. I'm sorry I came into the picture too and kinda stole him a bit... but she shouldn't have left.
She and I want us to work because we fear him being with only one of us and cheating. With us both we're so different we keep him occupied. I hope.
and I grew to fucking love her.
I should have pushed for a mono relationship but I just wanted his happiness. When he's happy I am.
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