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I feel like I can relate. Just a little.

T is our male.
I am bisexual.
B is our other female.

T and B live in the same town and can see each other often. I live 30 miles away. It's not too far at all, but we're all going break even, I just got an apartment with most of my savings and my car just broke down. T has bills he needs to pay and he has spent close to $500 on us for Christmas. B has no job. I barely see them.
T is not good in relationships. T and B have been together on and off 4 years. They've cheated on each other. But he did it many times and said he was going to leave B for a few of these other girls because he loved them.

Well I became one of those other girls. I feel T might just be saying the same things as he has before and I'll be left alone in the end.

This week T has stayed with B two nights out of the week. I saw her one night. I had no time with him except for two hours total this entire week. I told B last night I wanted to have T stay with me alone tonight... I think it's only fair... nope.
So T isn't staying. And I can't have him stay alone Sunday night either because she'd throw a fit. It has to be them both.
Thursday she played a mind game where she told him I was sleeping, I was, but he was supposed to come see me. He didn't because she said it'd be a waste. So instead he goes and hangs with her....???

He says he loves me and she says I'm different from the others... but I have my doubts.

I think I understand.
Especially since T seems so sweet and well intentioned....
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