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Exclamation Entry 2

It is 12/03/2011. It is 12:59 pm.
T is on lunch... want him to see me... !!!

I'm on the couch as Savannah chats at me. (My stepmom ^.^ I'll go to that in my life journal!!!) I'm tired. I try to talk back but I'm tired and she chats... A-flipping-LOT.

He hasn't texted back...
It's snowing big flakes outside.... YAY!

Anyways the last few days have been turbulent...
After T saw me Thursday he was supposed to come see me after work... he didn't. It was okay because I was asleep... B saw me but I didn't even know it, I slept and she didn't want to wake me really.
This was all fine. I didn't care.
I found out she told T I was asleep so he wouldn't come.
Just found out he's not coming... crushed...
Anyways on with the story.
So he didn't come, which was okay... but she had him come see her instead................................
It's just a little frustrating. I felt like she went behind my back...
I expressed this to her. It was okay after a frustrating conversation. She gets frustrated that I get upset.

Like last night... T planned on staying tonight. I planned on this. B had a couple nights alone with him. I had a couple nights alone with her. It would only be fair if I got one with him. I saw him maybe an hour this entire week. He doesn't work tomorrow. I planned on him staying tonight and them both staying tomorrow night and he could just drive to work Monday morning from my apartment. I tried to tell her this. She got very upset saying, I could have them both that night. Which is true. But then she wanted me alone Sunday night... I said I didn't want that. She said she was leaving.

I got frustrated and T wasn't going to stay. But I texted them both saying:
I was sick of the mind games. I'm simple. I'm easy going. This is too complicated. I had to deal with this with L*... the manipulation to get what he wanted.
L is my ex.

T said he was stressed too. B said it was true and she was sorry. He could stay but she just wished I'd push for us all. I did, just not how she wanted.

T said he was going to stay. B said have a good night and weekend meaning she was pissed.
I texted her saying I found it unfair how she wanted it.
She apologized. I went to work..........................

It's not like I can do anything sexually, curse you female body. I just want to talk to him is all.

But now that might be ruined. It is a L's birthday. We've been getting along well. It'd mean alot to him. But it's T's day off tomorrow and I pushed so hard for him to stay.....

I always double book myself, not intentionally...

I texted T saying he should come on lunch so I could talk to him. He said he couldn't come. Or B asked him not to...
I asked him to come after he was off of work. I just texted B and asked if that would be fine. I hope so. Waiting for her reply.

Savannah is chatting at me again... love her but...

Maybe I'll write more after she gets back to me? I'll do that. This way I can start my life journal. . . ! Brilliant.
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