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Originally Posted by cheryl View Post
I thought I was getting closer to compersion. The three of us even spent a day together and had dinner. I thought if I knew her better and saw her as whole person, not just my BF's GF, I'd feel better about it all. But then she asked him to start lying to me again, because she felt more comfortable if I didn't know, it should just between them, no one else needs to know. And I also heard about some critical comments she made about me. She thinks I am selfish, that I'm just using him, and an unneccessary distraction to him that is keeping from getting his work done and getting ahead. I think the real reason she doesn't want me to know about her is she thinks I will make negative comments about her, and if I don't even know she's seeing him, she doesn't have to worry about that.

So I feel burned by her after attempting to be friennds, and I'm backing up the truck. I told my BF I don't want him to lie to her either, but there's no reason to discuss me with her. I don't want to her know anything more about my personal life, my family, what goes on between my BF and me, whether we're getting along great or not so great. Keep it all separate from now on. If they do start lying to me again, I'm done.
Is all of what you heard things that your BF told you? This isn't a good sign. A metamour that is explicitly plotting to weaken the bond is not someone I'd want in my life. It is your BF's decision but this requires a sit down with everyone, all at the same time. There are obviously things that need to be expressed, and in a straightforward fashion.
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