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I can empathize with how you feel Shyliss, its hard to sit on your hands while you feel like there is work that you could be doing. Keep at it, this is part of it. People process at different paces and just because its very quiet and seems like nothing is happening, it is likely that there is TONS happening for them.

Just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean it isn't being processed. I like to know what is going every step of the way also, but I have to respect that the people I love have different relationships with their other partners and that they need to do it their way. I need to respect that and stand back.

It will likely unravel with time. I think its great to keep sending short emails every once in awhile expressing how you feel in terms of being concerned, wondering if they could let you know how its going when they are ready, expressing support and encouragement and that you will wait until they are ready.

Other than that the idea of keeping busy, getting about life and distracting with other important tasks, events and people in your life is a good one I think.

If its any conselation I have been waiting for over a month to hear what my non-sexual boyfriends wife thinks about me kissing him. *sigh. ya, shit takes time I doubt it will come up again until after Christmas at this point. Always a reason to not talk to her about it.
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