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Below is a message I recently sent:

Gosh, we are so, so different!

You have an interesting profile, which is not surprising provided that you are an artist. Too bad that guys who are on the science side can't make such interesting photos. In any case, I have been told that I have intelligence and sense of humor; not sure about the hotness part though.
Here I am looking for new friends. Among other things, I can entertain friends on things like science, law, languages (I know a few), foreign literature unheard of, and pretty much anything you throw at me.

If you are interested in making friends, let me know

You have an interesting nickname. While I have spent a bunch of years on things that sound like "chemistry" I had to look it up. The fist thing that came in mind when I saw it was "Saracen."

The answer I got is below:
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