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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I become very fearful if there is shit going on that people aren't telling me.

Ya, I would rather not tell people about my sex life or how I privately feel about some people, but to not even divulge who I am seeing intimately is just not going to work for me. Good to know about myself I reckon.
i feel the same, RP, BUT sometimes a doubt comes to me: where is the Real meeting point of hidden things (to us) and feeling "sick" about it?
i mean: which is the reason why we cannot stand tricky-eating energy-medieval hiding palces of others even if we keep bit detached from that relationship (at the moment i'm stepping very carefully within one of this kind of connection)?
of course i "know" (well balanced relations based on trust), but sometimes i feel as if a small tessera is missing.. maybe few words here in this direction may help (me) to handle this unusual (for me) actual situation i'm living in this (will-be-short) period..

from the last dream i had tonight: sometimes i look up, but it's too high.
"as long a i live, i vow to die and be reborn, die and be reborn, die and be reborn, over and over again, forever reinventing myself" r.brezsny
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