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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
Welcome to the forum Barb. Just know that this may or may not work out.
I love how you recognize this is not for every one.


"I have a strong feeling that this will work out for me, but I'm not so sure about my boyfriend. He's a bit resistant so far, but is afraid of losing me if he doesn't go along."

I hope he finds appreciation in polyamory and does not just "go along not to lose you". This indicates no choice or option for him..and he always has a choice.

I am monogamous in my polyamorous relationship with Redpepper. I won't find someone else but I appreciate her polyamorous nature and am comfortable with the lovers in her life.

It would be unbearable for me to even try to just "go along" so I didn't lose her. I can't imagine a more constantly painful way to share in someone's love under that condition.

Make sure your boyfriend communicates and is true to himself…seriously, this is very important to his well-being

Hope it works out for you
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