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Default so, if I ask my husband and lover to join me here...

what has been people's experience with that? Has it been a good thing? So-so? Not good?

I just joined this week and it was suggested that I have my husband come and read here. I am contemplating it - but I have some concerns (besides the one I mentioned before - there are a lot of "problems" being mentioned - and I know that's the nature of the forum beast).

Okay, it's funny, as soon as I start typing my concern, I can hear responses already - my first one was going to be - what about being able to speak freely and openly - but that's my goal, right? I know I have a lot of work to do along these lines with my husband (he comes from a long line of "no need to talk about its"). Maybe having him come and read (and maybe just maybe post himself???) would help that. But I'm afraid I would edit/censor what I say if I knew for sure he was reading (that's just me and I don't like that but it's what I do).

My lover (that's how I've started thinking of him even though it's just emotional right now) has expressed interest in joining me here. He has his own questions. I would like that, but I almost feel like I should invite both of them at the same time. Is that necessary? Is that just me wanting to control things? Sometimes I think too much.
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