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Default things are not good...

to fill you all in... i met my gf's partner at our staff social and the meeting was awkward and badly timed (my gf had a migraine and had to leave early). Then I spent some time with my gf, her daughter and her partner at her house. It was strange but comfortable.

But now... now things are not good with my gf and her partner and she has completely cut me out. She said she needs a break from everything and everyone... but I am the only one really affected (because her family live with her and get to see her). She is giving me mixed signals about wanting me around or not.

I just don't know what to do. I think that her partner has a problem with her 'courting' me but is making it about something else. I am trying to be understanding. but i feel hurt and alone. I am so scared that, after this 'break' we will not come back. I suppose I knew that my relationship was not the priority and i should/will accept whatever she decides to do. but in the meantime i am hurt and lost and worried.

Just needed to get it out of my head...
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