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Default Why thankyou :)

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Check out the "Life stories and blogs" forum. My blog is there, and many others' :
nycindie, i'm on pg 10 of your blog and i'm hooked lol.

Originally Posted by IsntLifeFun View Post
Welcome Bliss!
I understand your revelation. Be happy, but be cautious. Polyamory isn't as acceptable as say kinky sex or a cheating spouse.
Hi LifeFun, thanks for your warm welcome
Mmmm.... why "be cautious"? Are you talking about people judging me and me loosing friends... or be careful because far more people are drawn to explore the idea of multiple 'special' connections, than can actually handle the landscape?

Originally Posted by NewtoPloyamory View Post
Bliss....I am in the same boat. I joined the forum two days ago and it was great to find out there are others here like me. I love how you have expressed yourself and I echo your thoughts.

Stay Honest to yourself....and its acceptable to be different...

Thankyou very much for your kind words.

I've thought a great deal about this notion of a 'closet' being associated with my preferences since the original post. I've been honest and open and 'specture of a closet' free for over 15 years.

After the sheer surprise of finding out. Shock and distaste have set in. All I can say after a days reflection is:

F**k that s**t! (excuse my french) I don't 'do' closets. I've never hidden my preferences in one. One can't 'out' ones' self, if one has never been 'in' to begin with.

If I accept that I have a 'closet' accociated with my choice of existance. I also, by default, accept the idea that there's a specture of insidious judgement looming about me - from which one could need a closet to hide.

But if this looming judgement was real. If it was really real (in my part of the world), why have I never felt it? I've conversed with literarly 100s of people on the subject of "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" (friends, aquantances, strangers, work colleagues, more strangers etc...) and never once felt judged. They need a spot of help seperating it out from the trend of 'f**k-buddies. But once that's happened - it's all golden.

*Indignant rant over* lol

Originally Posted by HumbleBee View Post
Hi, Bliss :-)
Welcome to you :-)

Very much understand the feeling. Felt the same when I heared the word and got to read about it on wiki... that was almost 4 years ago.
Felt like coming home.
Very strange to find a whole set of vocabulary existing already, describing what I felt in my heart, thinking I was alone in this world feeling like that :-)

Still, for some mysterious reasons, am new at this forum. I like it here!

It really does, HumbleBee, you are so right.

"The greatest gift one human being can give another is the gift of understanding"
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