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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Maybe you feel down deep that that is a boundary.
I'm curious what you mean by this? I feel like it could be interpreted more than one way.
Oops, sorry for my awkward wording. What I meant was...

I think that one possible interpretation of the dream is that perhaps you feel like you've crossed a boundary with Davis by not telling him about your crush on Jay. And so in your dream, that "boundary-crossing" was magnified and played out as making out and having sex with Jay. I think it might just reflect this sense you have that you're doing something wrong (for lack of a better phrase) by hiding something from Davis, or you feel like you're hiding something that he should know.

Just a hunch. My sister and I often get into dream interpretation (she's a genius at it!), so that's all I was doing. I wasn't making any judgment about your relationship or anything else.
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