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I know a few amount of people that swinging was right up their alley, where-as poly was to much bullshit for them. They dropped poly and went to swinging, and it worked better for them. I guess, in a way, I`m one of those people ! 'open' works better for me.
It`s about what SUITS you, and who you are.
So,..just like you can upgrade from swinging to poly, there are people who 'upgrade' from poly to swinging.

There are swingers who like 'exclusive swinging'. You can have true friendship, respect, and warm feelings,..without being all in loooooove.

Sure its very geographical, and not what a good 50-70% of swingers want, but they do exsist. Like anything else, it is a matter of being real with yourself, and figuring out what you truly want.

Though in poobah`s case, I think halting all productions and getting to the core of the issues is the only thing that needs to happen for awhile. At this point, my comment is merely for future readers.
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