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My OSO: June
Her OSO: Stewie
Me: Ken
Wife: Barbie

Anyway no I did not tell my wife to stop. In fact I first asked to slow things down to maybe being physical once a month. She didn't like that. So then since I am starting basically a new career I asked to take a break to I can 1) study for my new job and 2) stop hurting people with all my ups and downs.

She took this and ran with it.

One thing she mentioned was she didn't think I was attracted to my OSO June. Truth is, after my wife started being physical with him I kind of lost a lot of that attraction. It doesn't help that she is not my type (shallow I know) but she is very attractive. Just some stupid physical hold ups. Short hair and big breasts. I am a big hair guy and it's a freaking odd fetish. I don't know if I lost something due to my wife being with another man or I exited the NRE phase and realized the attraction just was not there. I do love June. I never had any doubt about that.

ugh. figuring myself out is really hard.

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