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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Sounds like the beginning of something that could be wonderful!

Just a word of caution, make sure you clear up any issues in your marriage before getting serious with someone else. Depending on the nature of the needs that you cannot satisfy for your wife, getting them fulfilled elsewhere may not work. i.e. if they're emotional needs or responsibility type things. If they're sexual, that can be a different story.

My husband and I have a very mutually satisfying sex life, but there are some sexual activities that I'm just not interested in, so he does those with other people when the mood and timing work out. But sometimes I have emotional needs that can't be fulfilled outside the marriage, i.e. needing to feel that he supports me and that I can rely on him when I need to.
Same situation here, we have great sex but there are somethings I am not comfortable with sexually that I don't want her to do without.

AnnabelMore that is a great way to put it. Thank you.

Meerareed, I won't be hurt if he just wants to bang to put it bluntly but I would be hurt if he wants to bang and then spread the news. That would be damaging to our relationship with his boss.

If he was just some guy that we met without any connection to anyone a lot of my fears would disappear, but that is not the case so we have to tread carefully as we don't know his intentions yet.

So I will update here after the weekend to let you know how it goes and once again thanks for all the advice.
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