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wow you area all right. dingedheart you have followed my story well.

Over emotional response from the wife..OMG YES! I had a busy business meeting all day and was not involved but she went all MAD at the other two. She was mad at her OSO for something stupid BUT was harboring tons of anger towards my OSO for falling in love with me. It all came out yesterday. It was all but over. We were going to move away and never have them in our lives then she calmed down. Started talking nicely. She told me she had gotten her second period in one month and woke up very angry.

When I got home we had a really great moment. She was so concerned that she hurt me saying things like..."what did I do to you?", "your a mess?" but she was making all these assumptions. I told her I was not hurt. I still loved her. I was not ever going to leave her.

Later that night the BOMBSHELL hits. She directly up and asked me if I would be up for swinging or another OSO in the future assuming we ruined our existing OSO relationships in that way. She admitted that she was really enjoying someone else. I said, "I just asked to take a break to help overcome my jealousy and you ask to go swinging lifestyle?....HOLY SHIT!! WTH!!!

I didn't get angry. Instead I was intrigued and thought a little about it. we talked a bit. Later that night I realized just how much she was enjoying herself. How I could never compete with someone new. I just felt like I have to overcome this because it's something she really wants in her life.

I admit I am a little concerned that she is the good girl gone bad syndrome. I mean it almost felt like she was on a drug and was asking for more. Not a bad drug (sex) of course .

So we agreed to go to counseling. We found a local counselor who works with all types of lifestyles. I look forward to this.

However I wonder...Was I not enjoying myself because of my jealousy or because I just lost the desire for being physical with my OSO. I mean my OSO is my BEST friend and maybe our relationship just went there.

I just wonder with people like my wife. Communication is key right? Why do so many people in this world hold thier emotions in for months or years?

Can I send a check to you guys? Support for the website or something? You have all been so supportive and helpful.
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