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Anyway, here's another pebble for your collection:

1. Male/Female/Intersex

2. Have you ever been involved in group sex?

3. How many people did you engage in group sex with? (Ex: 3,4,5...)

4. Did you participate in the act of sex or did you watch?

5. How many times have you participated in group sex?

6. Do you prefer 2 women or 2 men?

7. What is your sexual orientation? (Straight/Gay/etc.)
Terribly, terribly straight

8. Are you in a relationship? (Married/BF,GF)

9. Does this hurt your relationship?
Not engaging in group sex does not hurt my relationship.

10. Is this what you prefer or are you making a sacrifice for you partner?
I prefer not to engage in group sex.

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