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Default When more than two people are involved...

Now again I'm in a situation where I might get inbetween two persons, who are in a relationship. I think, non monogamy is quite common, even in relationships, but polyamory is still quite rare. This friend, she told me, she was kind of persuaded into her relationship and then she flirts with me. All we need is love and respect for each other, no matter if we get intimate or if we know each other. Polyamory is more than just a lifestyle, when put into practice, it changes a lot of the suppositions of society. It is a big difference, if only two people openly or in secrecy get involved, or if there is a goup setting. Most people rather think of the immediaty satisfaction of their longing or needs - and sometimes I'm no different - and don't think very much in terms of third persons involved or about group aspects. However, I believe this attitude is changing in society, may be slowly, but the start is myself. There are many options, how we can deal with each other.

Refering my last post: I should have helped my friend, who had arguments with her boy friend and was in a difficult situations. Another issue: I shouldn't think too much about sex or affairs for my own benefit, but more about, what is good for everyone. This can change a lot, but it is not so easy in the subject of love/ sexuality/ relationships where emotions play a very big role. We should think from the heart, additionally and I believe, then the relationships are less superficial, more intense and conflicts decrease. Everything I hide and all that is hidden, is not expressed. Then the social interactions are cloven.
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