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Default sorry Manno,

This seems to have gotten off on a little tangent. But to Redpepper: Thanks for the reply again. All of the stuff I do is completely without any secrets. This would include Ashley Madison. My wife actually found this thread this morning and sent it to me, she knew it was similar to my situation. She's been following along at work as we post. AM didn't work for me because I realized that it's just a spot for a bunch of miserable cheating guys desperately looking for someone. The only women I found were "friends of my mom" or ladies I could've met at the Holiday Inn Lounge on a Tuesday. Maybe it's just living in the Hoosier state, but the gene pool seems a little shallow or at least my only prospects were (not my type?). There also seemed to be a complicated form of prostitution happening. ... I don't know.

So, back to Manno... do you have any more prospects? and how do you explain where your wife is to your kid, when she's out with her bf? Also, does she spend the night? One of my concerns is the loneliness while she's gone. That, and the fact that I'm an artist and very visual, so I imagine what might be happening, and I get that little jealousy twinge. I want to be there ... in his place ... or at least have someone here with me.
I also sometimes wonder about the long term effects of this situation. What if she ends up loving him more and I'm just part of the daily grind with kids, school, homework, chores, bills, etc? She'd still love me but it seems like it would just become kind of ho hum. I want to be the exciting guy! How's this working for you so far?
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