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What do married people put on OKC? The options are:
Seeing someone / here for friends
Married / here for friends

I hate boxes, especially when they don't fit.

Regarding wedding rings, I personally like mine. I don't look at it as ownership at all, but I guess that's because I'm the one who proposed and bought the engagement ring that I wear :P At the same time, I don't think any less of married people who don't wear them.

If he usually wears his, then taking it off will leave an obvious mark on his finger. Astute women will pick up on that even more than the ring itself -- why did he take it off? What else is he hiding?

*winks* I would hate to feel a "spark" with someone and then learn that they're not polyamorous :P

Edit... I followed through with "What do married people do" by creating a profile and answering some questions. Apparently that was like 3 or 4 hours ago... :P
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