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Originally Posted by Storm View Post
I have been reading other stories when possible. Most of the blogs seem to be many, many, many pages long and haven't had time to read any except for Annabel's. I looked at yours but it's over 100 pages! Maybe I will just skim through them all some time. I am also reading other threads.
Blogs are great but often people come here, tell a story about a situation and then are gone. This is why I suggest a tag search. I have spent tons of time tagging threads so they relate to a theme. Please feel free to tag threads; anyone. That way people can go to the search engine in the tool bar, press tags and find many tags that indicate where the most interesting and helpful threads are.

Ya, I have a long blog. I don't know how relevant it all is, but it has been to me. it would take a good chunk of time to read. I know few that would bother.
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