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Lots of really good points here. Love the wisdom.

I think I can only add in one area. For a long time while I was sexually active, I viewed sex as the primary way that I know I was loved. I grew very agitated and hurt in the cases where sex was not available for whatever reason.

It is true that touch is very important for me from a love language perspective. But, I didn't do a lot of hard work on why I had linked sex and love. Now that I have done so, I am much more relaxed about it. I can both express my love and see the expression of love in much wider set of behaviors.

I've found that my genuine horniness is a different beast that can be satiated through many means.

I no longer get that unrecognized fear of abandoment in the pit of my stomach when I haven't had sex with a partner recently.

I'm not saying that this is going on with you, Goimir. But, the stories of both you and your wife reminded me of myself.
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