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Red face Trying for short!

Hi! My name is Marinia. I am 19. I am female. I am pansexual I am in my first poly amorous relationship. I was in a monogamous relationship for 4 years. It was closed and committed, so I thought. I wanted more commitment but he didn't and there were issues. I broke it off. I had never considered a poly relationship for myself. But I am very open minded. I thought I would try one if I had the chance. Alas I did! I am with a male and female. T (male) and B (female). We have had a pretty rocky time... But we love each other. We are good to each other. We all live to make the others happy. I think it's pretty much resolved now, except a few small bumps. We call each other a family. We reassure the others with the cliche, all for one and one for all. It works. I'm not sure I want to be specific about our beginnings... It was not so good or honest. We're happy now though. I feel like I could write 6 pages on it ^.^
T and B love me.
T loves me more than he loves B, which is confusing and hurts B at times.
B loves me almost equally to T, but less than him.
T was with B before me, they've been together for 4 years, on/off. They've cheated on each other, treated the other like dirt. I popped into the picture in a similar fashion. Again long story. They are both more honest though now.
B is my first female anything, emotionally (I've had crushes, but nothing like this) and sexually.
B gets jealous often which sucks. I encourage them to be intimate. I like sex. They do too. They don't have to censor themselves in fear of me being upset. I am easy going. B and I differ greatly. I have more interests that T holds and I look more like what T likes. B gets self conscious and has low self esteem. I love being with them, but feel bad for coming into the picture and kind of in a sense stealing T. We're all together, but there's complications. Sorry it's not too short or revealing. Maybe I'll post more about it elsewhere <3 this idea of a website!!!
Our relationship equation:
B<M and T>M
What I wished it was T=M=B
But I do think I have more of an attachment to T.

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