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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
If this was grudgingly agreed to or husband had to fight for it, it might leave some residual bad feelings that you will need to sooth. His request for less time with your bf sounds like he is frustrated and might just have been a knee jerk reaction. Based on your past history, he is likely much more sensitive and fearful of things going back to where they were.

Sometimes a small hiccup can feel like the end of the world because the feelings that were there when things were really bad come back full force. It's not until we get past the small hiccup that we realize that things are much better than before. Those old feelings can be scary.
My husband and I have talked. It's funny that you use the word hiccup...he called it a "bump in the road" ...I love him, I really do. I have no idea how he has put up with all of my BS. I think right now we are all three stressed out (me=work, hubby=family, bf=work)...if I look at it that way, it's a wonder how this didn't blow up even more.
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