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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Who's idea was it to open up the marriage? And why?
-It was his idea to open up the marriage. I was opposed at first because we had a triad a few years ago that ended badly.

Does your husband have a partner?
-no, and this is part of his frustration

You never really thought 5 nights a week might cause friction and trouble ?
-I wasn't thinking then, I have since changed my behavior (I see my boyfriend a few days a week (2-3) and I am home by midnight, and (before this argument happened) I was with both of them for one or two of those days.

Where do you think the break point is? How far can he be pushed?-I know that what I was doing was wrong. I made changes, and I thought we were all okay. I got frustrated because I thought we were all happy, and that I had finally found balance....obviously I was wrong. We have since talked. I gave him this week (it's only a week), and I asked him if we could work on the relationship between all three of us more. I think part of the problem is my mother-in-law...she always makes him feel insecure and unsure of himself, and I feel like he was taking it out on me and my bf. Not that I don't deserve it, I'm just frustrated.

Do you really like being married?
-We were never going to get married, actually. Except for this forum and for practical reasons, I never call him my husband, and he never calls me his wife. We wanted to just live together forever, but we got married for financial/legal reasons. My husband and I are in complete agreement about this. We've even talked about getting divorced when our finances are in order because marriage goes against our belief system.
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