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Originally Posted by Storm View Post
I have been reading other stories when possible. Most of the blogs seem to be many, many, many pages long and haven't had time to read any except for Annabel's. I looked at yours but it's over 100 pages! Maybe I will just skim through them all some time. I am also reading other threads.
When I view RP's thread I only see 29 pages. Here's a tip (which I have also posted in a thread in the User Guidelines & Forum Features section):

Reading threads is easier if you set your default page view (in User Control Panel) to the maximum of 40 posts per page.

It makes reading threads so much easier because you don't have to keep clicking on the next page. It makes following the discussion and going back to read earlier posts easier and less time-consuming.

Here is how to set your viewing options. Go to:

User CP (top of page) >
Edit Options (under Settings and Options) >
Thread Display Options (scroll down) >
at Number of Posts to Show Per Page, select "Show 40 Posts Per Page" >
Save Changes (Scroll down to bottom of page)

Voilą! Easier thread reading!
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