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Originally Posted by IsntLifeFun View Post
Thank you for your input. I realized I put some emphasis on the sex part of it- I misrepresented that aspect. Sex is not necessary as a part of our relationship -at all. If he finds someone that he clicks with, and hopefully all of us click with, then so much the better. If she is or isn't interested in sex with some or all of us, doesn't really matter, but I wouldn't want someone to be scared off by knowing what's going on and it's possibilities.
Of course we're all for honesty, but you know that being too honest too fast can be a bad thing. We're still learning how to tiptoe.

I am not in that camp. I state I am non-mono in my okcupid dating profile. Get it right up front. I get lots of compliments on my forthrightness and honesty. If someone can't deal with that right up front, they are not worth the time put into the tiresome first date. I am only Ms Right for people that can deal with polyamory.
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