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Wow. I have so much to say. Questions more than anything. What's with the cheating? Why are you two not having sex? What is it with her desire to fuck other people and not you? What is it that makes you stay? Why is she allowed the possibility of a poly relationship and you are left with cheating?

I would love to hear more about Ashley Madison on the "selling cheating" thread if you are up for it.

I don't get this whole thing. What is it about women who don't want sex with their husbands but do with other men?! Personally I would be furious (I think I am furious for you at this point) if I were you and would probably leave. Please explain how this works for you and her? What are you staying together for? The kids I can see staying together for, but in this day and age its possible to stay together in a house and not be together anymore. This is what my tersiary does with his ex wife. It works fine for them.
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