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Default When does poly get the blame?

I've read on several threads in which the relationship(s) collapse don't blame poly...or the problem wasn't poly it was bad communications, or the lies and dishonesty. In my own situation people have said similar things and I wouldn't argue it at all but it seems like when it works it gets the credit..."best thing that we ever did" ..."we are so so much closer now..... and I'm so much happier now and partner is happy that I'm happy ..its just a big ball of loving happiness ... its a win win win ".

And when it fails it was the bad communication skills, the dishonesty, the cheating, deep marital issue from years earlier that were never properly dealt with, Someone being inflexible, not willing to "do the work" .. to go to therapy and work on their issues with the new dynamic, etc, etc. The concept never blamed .

Or is this a case of everyone dies of heart failure.

Has anyone seen a situation in which they could blame poly for the break up of a relationship? I don't think I've seen that yet.
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