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More talking, here and there. She wants to have more time so that we can have longer talks and not be interrupted. But she's coming around to the idea that these things just cant wait to be scheduled a week or two down the road. And that she cant use scheduling to avoid it. Its really a combination of the two; she does want to have longer talks, they are better for us both when we have uninterrupted time, but it is easy to avoid talking if its scheduled out.

So, today is therapy day! Looking forward to sharing some of my story with a neutral third party. Scared to death that there will be judgement involved or that I will be given advice that is "traditional" or "whats expected" in these situations.

If we were traditional, or did what was expected, we wouldnt be where we are!

I am really good at wrapping my mind around the intellectual issues surrounding new relationships (or not so new, if you've read before), and I do have a good understanding of why we both explored and feel its ok to continue to explore our feelings and needs. It would be easier if she could engage in the dialog of emotional reactions. The strangest thing will take me from a perfect day, happy with all we have done, straight to a pissed off dinosaur! I figure out, later, what triggered that, and why. Good for me! I just wonder why I never see that process with her! She is so good at keeping it ALL in, and that is unhealthy. Hence, individual therapy for each, and couples therapy together.

How come there are no poly counselors out there? Sigh.
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