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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Egad!!! PH, ignore this advice. Gort, that is an irresponsible recommendation. SSRIs often affect people quite negatively, and most people I know try to get off them as soon as possible. That's not "real medicine," that's medication and no one on a message board should tell someone to get prescription anti-depression meds.
Agreed. I do realize that you were trying to be helpful gort, but we are not doctors or at least this is not a venue for prescribing medications. It might be in your humble opinion... but please make sure you say so before hand.

In my humble opinion any kind of medication would be a last resort. I like to work on my shit drug free. Then I know what is real and what isn't and once I have worked it out I can safely say "ITS WORKED OUT."

PH, what a shit storm you are in. *hugs* you need a good friend and a shoulder to cry on. I'm glad you chose here, but one in Real Life would be a good addition I think.

If I were in your position I think I would get up, brush myself off, stand tall, take some deep breaths and walk out the door to find other stuff to do. I am not suggesting you leave necessarily but if this were me I would consider myself far too invested in this man. I have a life to live and I intend to live it while loving others, but not allowing them to completely dominate my every mood and circumstance (I suck at that btw, but I try and know what my goal is). There is so little time to sit around being devastated... maybe after all this time its time to move on either to do your own thing and distance yourself from his relationship with her by making yourself busy or move on and leave him.

He is obviously struggling to know what to do, perhaps you could direct him here or direct him to people that could help him find a solution if he doesn't have that in his life. It sounds like he is naive to the basic concepts and tried an true solutions to some of the issues you are having... every relationship is different but there are ways of doing things that work. He doesn't seem to be finding places to learn what those things are.
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