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Is this a bit of drama on her part because she is feeling uneasy about this situation or is she serious... I am beginning to wonder if I am missing something here because it seems a bit over the top.

You said you are not interested in a quad situation any more but would be fine with your wife and the couple continuing on without you on this level... you plan to work on building a more solid relationship with your wife. Is this what you said originally? What has changed? I don't get why you feel so bad in this...

I would be really surprised if anyone would want you to live a life that isn't working for you. I get that its an adjustment, but its not like you have to just stop talking to them. You can be friends and spend time together, just not having sex or developing a relationship in a romantic way. Your wife can go about doing that while you do your own thing when they are all together....

The whole thing just seems a little over emotional and I don't get why...
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