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There is no spare room. There is no spare anything. There are only 2 doors on the interior of his house that can be closed, and this is to the bedroom and bathroom. The rest of the house is two "porches" and a large room that can be said to have "areas"- a living room area, a kitchen area (that has an extra wall, and different floor) a dining area, and a nook he uses for recording his podcast. When she and her son stay, the son has to sleep in a potable crib in the main room.

I am going to try to stand up and all that... but it's going to be hard. The thing that bothers me most is I don't know if I can have sex with someone only one wall away. I tend to be very loud, and this could get very uncomfortable. Especially given that Goimir, the only other person that I'm dating, is over 300 miles away.

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