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Okay, so this is about you and Sanguinist, and has nothing to do with Goimir and KLP - correct?

Originally Posted by gypsygirl View Post
So, She moves in next weekend. Z is with his dad for several months.

There is no solid plan on what she does when he wants me to stay over except maybe "she sleeps on the couch". Her only social interaction that I am aware of is a Tuesday night thing (with a social group that deliberately excluded me ). So it seems I get to see him only on specific, very rigidly scheduled times. And even then, our privacy is not assured.

All I get from him is "can we please just try this and see if it works and stop stressing?"

Oh, and I overheard her telling him what he is "allowed" to have in his kitchen.

I am so afraid that we're not going to make it to our 1 year anniversary (2 weeks away).
Have you told him bluntly how you are afraid he is letting her take everything over and will affect your relationship with him negatively? How you don't want to be dismissed and disrespected by her or made to feel like a second-class citizen in the situation? Did you ever show him this discussion thread?
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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