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Goimir's girlfriend here.

So, I don't know about his long-term habits as far as cuddling- we're still in the NRE stage. My recent trip up there was actually the real beginning of our "dating" relationship (it had been mostly casual sex before that).

The problem that I see Goimir having here (biased- likely!) is that the boyfriend (and his wife) were very hostile while KLP was sick, acting like they were going to catch it just by being in the same town. (It was not- I was perfectly healthy through a 4 day visit, and continue to be.) The fact that they treated her with such a lack of respect, and that now she is running to them has him somewhat jealous.

Also, as to the sexual part- Goimir seemed, this afternoon, to be under the impression that she was going back to the bf tonight expressly to have sex, which he found hurtful since she seems to be rejecting him at every turn.

Also, the "warn me beforehand, and then I can cuddle without trying to have sex" was something I suggested to him. I know he's a randy kind of guy, so I suggested he ask and establish boundaries before starting the cuddle. It might be a little clinical, but I felt it would help in the long run.
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