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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
His points:
  1. He attempted kissing KLP "on the mouth last week" [when she was feeling very ill?] and was rejected.
  2. KLP hasn't initiated any mouth-kissing with Goimir since rejecting him.
  3. Goimir enjoys snuggling, but doesn't like it not knowing in advance that it won't lead to sex. He wants some "warning."
  4. Goimir wishes KLP would talk more with him about sex.
  5. Goimir doesn't like trying to figure out what she wants.
  6. He envies the time she is planning to spend with the bf.
  7. It is unfair in Goimir's eyes that KLP wants to be with her bf, even if no sex takes place, because she hasn't been having sex with Goimir. He is angry about that.
You're spot on with the first 5. 6 is a little shaky, and 7 is way off.

I do envy the time, because we get a few hours over the course of the week where we don't have the kids pestering us. But at the same time I want her to be happy.

I understand that she doesn't want to have sex with me now, and I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with the "never having sex again". We're going through this crisis here, which he was largely absent for, while my girlfriend who was up at the time ended up doing a bunch of housework for us, cleaning the bathroom, playing with the kids, etc. We still had a good time. It didn't detract all that much from her visit, and probably helped our relationship advance quite a bit. I wouldn't ever suggest that KLP can't see someone else she loves because she didn't meet some arbitrary obligation.

I don't want a "tit for tat" relationship. Never have. The only time I get concerned about her going to see people is when we don't have the money or it's obviously having a negative effect on our lives (things like lack of sleep, groceries, things that need to be done that she is only able to do).
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