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im beginning to think im doing weekly updates lol

talked to B again today, NOT over text (thank god!) the conversation went well she got alot off of her chest and i didnt get defensive. it was good (she also caught me first thing in the morning) she said there were things that she had held in as to avoid fights on my visits home and from there things excalated emotionally for her feeling left out of things. i told her i dont want her to do that and that we shouldnt do that anymore

i also told her that i could and will do a beter job at letting her know how much she means to me and how i appreciate her in my life, which i dont think that i have done as well as i should have in the past.

i also told her that while i felt alot better after our talk i wont think that things are better because at times when i do (and dont hear feedback to state otherwise) then i think everything is fine... basically i will always be making sure i am doing what i need to to make her feel anything how she was. COMMUNICATION lol sometimes we let it slip i guess without realizing when we start getting super stressed and caught up in life.

talked some about the distance too, and how that sux. i think we would have less issues without it but ya know. so i think we are back to working and seeing what happens post after baby

so at the moment feeling better about more than i was and now homework because the semester is almost over.
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