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Thanks for the responses Annabel and Schrondinger.

I have been in therapy for over 10 years. I had finally gotten to a point where I was able to fully trust another human being and then this happened. The wounds opened up by this are obviously very deep.

My perception of her is based on many interactions with her face to face since June. We've shared multiple meals and done multiple activities together. She's been to my home many times. She simply does not talk to me. She's literally turned her back to me, ignored me when I offered a hug, and been cold and rude on two distinct occasions. Only two weeks ago did she bother to friend me on Facebook and despite having my email all this time, she hasn't reached out to me at all unless she specifically needed something from me (and even then this has happened only three times). And my boyfriend has made excuses for her for everyone of these incidents.
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