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Love is her own boss and cannot be controlled or manipulated. Relationships can be made and broken, but love does what love wants.

Sometimes I also get caught up in "fair" and "not fair" but... well, fairness is a hopeless romantic ideal. Really, who actually expects life to be fair, and is there room for me under their rock?

To me, love means you want your partner to be happy. Love does not mean controlling your partner so that you don't have to experience any icky feelings. Everyone experiences icky feelings, and everyone must learn to overcome those feelings in and of themselves... Not by controlling the uncontrollable world around them, but by controlling their own behaviours and thought processes.

Sure, B can put her foot down and say "I forbid A from continuing the relationship with C" and A may agree, but not without some resentment. When D comes around, A is going to be a bit reluctant. Repeat that cycle once or twice more, and A is going to say "nuts to this, I'm sick of getting pushed around." At that point, it could go either way. A might say, enough of this poly shit, I can't deal with your insecurities so let's just be mono... or A might say, I can't deal with your insecurities, this time I choose E and leave you, B, to find your own way.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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