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Default Question on triads ending

I'm wondering what people who have been in triads do when it ends in some form.

The example I'm thinking of specifically is this: A, B and C are all involved and in love, but then C falls out of love with B and only wants to be with A but still be friends with B. B still loves C and is hurt that C no longer loves them. A still loves them both and wants to be with them both, but B wants A to end it with C since C has ended it with them... how the hell would you deal with that?

I guess i want to know, is it fair for someone in the initial couple to want their partner to break it off with the secondary (don't really like that term but using it for simplicity sake) just because they have?

Maybe I haven't explained it well but hopefully someone will get what I'm meaning or I could try to explain more.
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