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I read part of that but not sure I got to that area and Rain will definitely need to read it. And I agree with you. I do think it is unrealistic to expect whoever the person is to love us both equally or even love us both at all. Though ideally it is what we want.

Whatever happens down the line I will go at the pace of Rain as I think that is what will need to happen. Also at the time Rain thought I didn't love her as much or at all anymore if I loved V. It took me quite a while to explain to her that my feelings for her hadn't changed, just that I loved V as well. She had a very hard time understanding that, but she does now... though I thought she should have understood it since she also loved V. I don't know, I just think to some degree she has a harder time with it. Yes, I have my insecurities but as long as I can talk them out in an adult way and feel heard I am ok.

Also, in the previous messed up threesome we had I often felt like we were in competition with each other for V's affections. I think this really fucked us up because we should have been joined in it, not feeling like we were competing with each other.
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